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Avisen Wealth Management Inc. - Social Media Guidelines & Company Disclaimer

Avisen is happy to connect with you through various social media websites including FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We look forward to hearing what you have to say, and sharing news, educational material, career and company information with you.  

Rules of Engagement

The financial services industry is highly regulated and there are certain rules we must adhere to on social media websites where we have a presence. We ask that you respect these rules as well. Posts and comments that do not comply will be removed at our discretion.

  • Do not post specific financial questions or provide account information on any social media website! If you are a client, please contact your investment representative. If you are not a client, please contact an office near you to schedule an appointment.
  • If we don’t reply to a post, please don’t take it personally. Unfortunately, even the best posts may not receive a response. This is not because we aren’t interested but rather we must adhere to strict communications guidelines. We will always do our best to create a forum where valuable information can be exchanged.
  • Posts should be professional and considerate. Please keep your posts to the topic at hand. Posts that contain inappropriate language, disrespectful, inaccurate or unrelated content will be removed at the Firm’s discretion.
  • Third party posts do not reflect the views Avisen Wealth Management and have not been reviewed by the Firm for completeness or accuracy. Additionally, comments by visitors to the Firm’s social media pages should not be considered representative of all client experiences, or indicative of future performance or success. Avisen Wealth Management does not solicit endorsements of its services and asks that you refrain from doing so.
  • Posts made by employees of the Firm are personal comments made on behalf of the employee and do not reflect the views or opinions of the Firm.
  • Your privacy is important to us. While we maintain a presence on social media websites, we are not affiliated with them and we cannot control how they or other parties will use the information you share on it. In other words, it’s up to you to read and understand the privacy policies and terms of service for each social media platform you participate in. Posts on our social media websites are reviewed and archived by the Firm and treated in according to terms of our privacy notice.

COMPANY DISCLAIMER: No posts or comments on any social network should be construed as a solicitation, offer, or recommendation, to acquire or dispose of any investment or to engage in any other transaction.  While reasonable efforts are used to obtain information from sources which we believe to be reliable, nothing contained on any social network for Avisen Wealth Management or its employees constitutes investment, financial, legal, tax or other advice, nor is it to be relied on in making an investment or other financial decision. Avisen Wealth Management expressly disclaims all liability for any viruses or other contamination to a computer system or other device used to access us on any social network, and expressly disclaims all liability for actions taken or not taken based on any or all of the contents on social network sites.  Comments posted by employees on FaceBook, LinkedIn or Twitter are their own personal opinions and not those of Avisen Wealth Management.  Third party posts do not reflect the views of Avisen Wealth Management or its employees and have not been reviewed by the Firm for completeness or accuracy.